03 2015

35 years of SPS electronic GmbH in Schwäbisch Hall

SPS electronic GmbH is a company which follows the “German success model” – it started out with a clever brain full of ideas and a garage in Schwäbisch Hall. This year, SPS electronic GmbH will celebrate its 35th anniversary. The company was founded in Schwäbisch Hall on 21 March 1980 by graduate engineer, Wolf-Henning Stoll. He laid the foundations for the company’s success story, which is still owner-run to this day. Much has happened since then. An internationally operating company has emerged from a small, one-man operation.

From the very first day, engineer Wolf-Henning Stoll focussed on electrical safety testing equipment pursuant to VDE, CE, UL, etc. The company has expanded continuously over the years. Today, SPS electronic represents the entire world of electrical safety testing equipment as defined by the German quality standard. The company develops and produces testers for electrical safety and functionality technology of electrical devices and is a market leader in this sector. The SPS electronic product range is enhanced by two significant areas which both directly related: Customer-specific solution for test systems and high voltage testers for electric motors, valves, transformers and ventilators. To the present day, devices have been developed at the headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall with which customers – such as kitchen appliance manufacturers or electrical tool producers – test the electrical safety of their appliances. In order to optimise quality in all company areas, in 1996 SPS electronic was one of the very first companies in Schwäbisch Hall to be certified by DEKRA in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

SPS electronic
SPS electronic GmbH headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall

One of the major milestones for the company’s success today was reached in 1994 with the founding of the first foreign subsidiary in the Czech industrial city of Chomutov. The aim of entrepreneur engineer, Wolf-Henning Stoll, was to serve the emerging market in eastern Europe through its Czech subsidiary. This objective was fully achieved. Today, standard devices are predominantly produced in the Czech Republic, serving all eastern European markets. In addition to subsidiaries in Twist (Lower Saxony) and Uersfeld (Rhineland Palatinate), SPS electronic GmbH has other subsidiaries in the UK, Italy, France and China and numerous sales partners worldwide.

More than 200 employees work for SPS electronic worldwide, demonstrating passion and high competency for product solutions for sustainable progress. Their qualifications and hard work form the basis for its success. SPS electronic set itself the target of consolidating and expanding upon its current position with its extensive customer service. A strategy which appears to have worked: One of the industry’s future markets – electric cars – has already placed numerous orders with the German company. Managing Director, Sascha Aust, envisages plenty of room for growth in this area: “Previously, SPS electronic was not interested in cars since there was no dangerous voltage involved. However, electric cars have to be tested – not just the car itself, but also the accessories such as the charger, batteries, cable looms, etc.” emphasises Sascha Aust. He goes on to explain: “Anyone wanting to produce large volumes and high quality also requires qualified staff. We therefore train lots of young people. This applies to both the sales and technical areas. Our engineers are often self-educated at the University of Heilbronn or Mosbach with a dual degree. The development manager at SPS electronic, graduate engineer Mr. Wolfgang Lang, is a particularly good example.”

The official celebrations for the 35th anniversary of SPS electronic GmbH will take place in summer with employees, business partners and guests from around the world.

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