Test station electric motor

An electro motor test station is a test station which can be used for reproducible testing of electric motors.

Thereby a distinction is made between three different types:

  • the development test stand,
  • the endurance test stand and
  • the end of line (EOL) test stand.

Depending on the type of test stand safety tests and/or function tests can be performed. In general the electric motor test stand includes a mechanical structure to which the electric motor and its components can be connected as well as a measurement system with application software. To control and to monitor the DUT the bus systems of the electric motor can be included additionally in the test system.

How do test stands for electric motors function?

The test set-up in the traditional sense includes a load machine, a coupling and a torque measurement shaft. Here an externally attached load charges the motor. With this classic method simple characteristic values can be captured directly by measurement and calculate derived variables. From the input current and the input voltage for example the power absorbed can be calculated. Likewise the mechanical output can be determined from the output variable speed and torque and thus the efficiency, too.

Another method is the parameter identification which uses the inertia of the DUT as the load to drive through the characteristic line dynamically. In this case the testing of electric motors without mechanical coupling and without measurement is the result of torque and speed. Instead the test is carried out via the parameter voltage and current. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages and depending on the engine type and quantity a suitable method can be specified.

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