Leakage current test

The leakage current test is the current flowing over the error-free insulation of a device to the earth or to another conductive part – such as the housing.

The leakage current is tested by means of a leakage current test. The leakage current test can be performed at electrical equipment of protection class I and II. Tested thereby is if the measured values do not exceed a limit value specified in the regulations (EN, VDE, IEC, UL etc.)

The safety test at the electrical equipment must, depending on the test standards or regulations (EN, VDE, IEC, UL etc.), be completed after the test at currentless devices by means of the leakage current measurement with increased rated voltage. In order to measure the leakage current the device under test is usually operated with an operating voltage.

For the leakage current test with your products SPS electronic offers you various solutions. In addition to the
AI 5601D (a pure leakage current tester) we are pleased to offer you various safety and function test devices such as the KT 1886B. With these multifunction testers you can perform in addition to the leakage current test a number of other safety tests (such as the high voltage test, the ground bond test or also the insulation test). 

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