High voltage relay

High voltage relays are relays used to switch high voltages in combination with high currents.

The high voltage relays of SPS electronic are always used when voltages up to 10,000 V have to be switched on and off safely and reliably. Thereby not only high voltages can be conducted via the relay but also currents up to 30 A. With a maximum switching current of 10 A the load can also be simultaneously controlled via the relay contact and put into operation.

Depending on the application of the high voltage relays one or two changes are needed. With the high voltage relays of SPS electronic the user has the opportunity to build up himself switching matrices and then control these with a test device via a control system. For the construction of switching fields (matrices) we offer system builders and OEM customers all common and necessary high voltage components which are designed for various voltages and currents. Of course we also supply complete switching fields which can be operated in combination with our test devices. Put us to the test – we will be happy to provide you with a solution for your test purpose.

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