EN 61029

Safety of transportable motor-driven electric tools

VDE-Classification: VDE 0740

This standard consisting of Part 1 and Part 2 applies to electric motor or magnetically driven tools for indoors or outdoors use with the following characteristics:

a) by one person easily movable simple devices to facilitate transportation such as handholds, wheels and the like, can be built-in;
b) application in a safe stationary position with or without fixture, such as quick clamp devices, fittings and the like;
c) operation under the control of an operator;
d) not intended for serial production or assembly line production;
e) provided for the electrical supply via flexible connection cable and plug;
f) for max. rated voltage up to 250 V one-phase, AC or DC or 440 V three-phase alternating current;
g) max. rated power consumption up to 2,500 W for one-phase AC or DC and 4,000 W for three-phase alternating current.

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Important information for passing on standard texts:
For copyright reasons no details about the particular standard may be made. Relevant for the application is the current standard. You can purchase this for example from the  VDE-Association oder Beuth Publishing House.


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