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Because a calibration is not just a calibration, customers worldwide rely on our expertise.

When a "simple" calibration is not sufficient:

DAkkS calibration according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025

We are very pleased to have recently received the official accreditation certificate and the certificate for our calibration laboratory in Twist from the DAkkS (German Accreditation Body). This means that we are retroactively authorized to offer accredited calibrations according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 since November 2019 (a competence that only very few laboratories can provide). The final accreditation was preceded by about 5 years of preparation and a lengthy accreditation process - a period of time which, last but not least, makes clear the great importance of this success.

What are the special features of a DAkkS calibration?

DAkkS calibration certificates are valid at any time, internationally and without further valid proof of traceable measurement results. They are issued with standards whose traceability is guaranteed by DAkkS certificates or calibration certificates issued by PTB laboratories. DAkkS calibration certificates can only be issued by the accredited calibration laboratories within the scope of the accredited measured quantities. This ensures that high quality calibration is guaranteed by regular external assessment and re-accreditation, traceable standards, precisely defined environmental conditions and specially trained personnel.

What is the difference between a DAkkS and a traceable factory calibration?

The main difference lies in the evaluation of the measurement results: A factory calibration includes the evaluation of the results without consideration of the measurement uncertainty on the basis of the specifications published in standards, guidelines or by the manufacturer. The DAkkS, on the other hand, provides for an evaluation of results exclusively on the basis of the actual values determined and the associated measurement uncertainties, i.e. all influencing variables occurring during calibration, such as the accuracy of measuring equipment, temperature, type of connection, device-specific parameters, resolution, tolerance limits, etc., are taken into account. The results are evaluated by the customer and the usability for the required measuring process is determined.

Which is the right calibration for me?

The DAkkS calibration according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 becomes necessary if special requirements demand it. This procedure has no influence on the traceability of the measured variables. Both the measured variables of the factory calibration and those of the DAkkS calibration can be represented equally.

Factory calibration certificates are issued with standards that are subject to regular test equipment monitoring; the traceability of the standards used is ensured by regular test equipment monitoring. When recalibrating test equipment, which in turn serve as standards for monitoring other measuring and test equipment, a DAkkS calibration should always be used because of the assured traceability to national standards.

You are not sure which calibration you need?

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Calibrations – according to the national and international standards

We test and calibrate your safety testers, regardless of whether they are made by SPS electronic or other manufacturers. Contact our service centre in your vicinity!

The annual calibration of the testers is an essential prerequisite for the assured quality and is a requirement to be met by any company as part of the control of inspection, measuring and test equipment. We calibrate your safety testers – either directly at your location or in our premises. Thanks to our large service network, our numerous subsidiaries and our partners, we are networked worldwide and always close to you. We are always glad to provide you with a loaner to prevent outage during calibration.

All safety testers that are supplied by SPS electronic are calibrated in accordance with the applicable regulations. Calibration is naturally traceable to national and international standards and equally meets the requirements of your internal and external audit. Our devices are supplied to our customers along with a corresponding calibration certificate that always keeps you on the safe side!

Note: In addition to the regular calibration, we strongly recommend the daily inspection of the devices using test verification boxes. This is the only way to be assured that your products work properly in terms of safety and avoid expensive recalls in the worst case. 

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