ST 3820L

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The test spectrum of the ST 3820L surge tester includes insulation resistance measurement and DC high-voltage testing in addition to surge voltage testing. It was specially developed for integration into automated test systems and for use in the laboratory. The ST 3820L is ideally suited for detecting winding shorts and insulation faults within a winding, even before the fault affects the electrical specifications of the DUT.

Due to the extremely steep voltage rising edge and the different, optionally available, surge capacities, the ST 3820L is ideally suited for both conventional winding materials (e.g. wound stators) and winding materials in the e-mobility sector (e.g. hairpin stators).

The built-in fully electronic high-voltage generator also enables high-voltage testing DC and insulation resistance measurement to be carried out to cover almost the entire HV test spectrum. For particularly precise insulation resistance measurements, the Guard technology can be used (Guard technology = compensation of the fault currents on the test leads in order to be able to measure smaller test object currents).


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