5.7‘‘ color TFT display: IL 3800 series

Modern digital technology and safety current limitation for unproblematic workspace designs.

The IL 3801F from SPS electronic is one of the all-rounders among insulation testers. In addition to the insulation test, it also includes a high voltage and continuity test. It is very compact, can be easily operated by its 5.7" color TFT display and complies with all common standards. The 19" slide-in IL 3881F is equally talented, but made for stationary use.

Insulation tester IL 3801F

Insulation tester IL 3801F

Insulation tester IL 3881F

Insulation tester IL 3881F

Type of device

Desktop device 14‘‘ / 3 HU

Slide-in 19" / 4 HU

High voltage DC

Voltage range

100 – 3,000 V

Current range

0 – 4 mA

Insulation DC

Voltage range

100 – 3,000 V

Measuring range

500 kΩ – 1.5 GΩ


0 – 500 mA




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