Ground bond tester

Ground bond test in production - fully electronic, digital and programmable.

Be it intermediate tests or those at the end of line - the ground bond tester P 1800D is always the optimum solution. All parameters can be programmed by all global standards. The extensive interfaces (24 V DC, RS 232, USB, LAN) allow easy integration into production lines and the transfer of the test parameters.

In short: What is a ground bond test and how does it work?

Besides the hipot test, the ground bond test is of paramount importance in the field of electrical safety testing. Whenever devices of the protection class I (i.e. devices with metal housing) are produced, a ground bond test is absolutely necessary (IEC, EN, VDE). Here, the technically and probably universally valid principle of two completely separated safety systems is applicable: Firstly, the operating insulation, tested by the hipot test, and secondly, the grounded metal housing. Two completely independent concepts to protect people from electric shock.

In technical terms, the ground bond test is an ohmic resistance measurement that is carried out with a high current. Due to the high test current, defective cables or terminals must be burned out during the test. However, this is doubtful in practice as the test duration is very short (usually less than 1 second) and the electrical conductor can dissipate the heat shortly. The different standards (IEC, EN, VDE) specify test currents from 10 A to 30 A AC. Exactly this range can be freely programmed in the ground bond tester P 1800D of SPS electronic. All standards are met through appropriate test programs and thanks to the large number of interfaces - integration into production lines is easily possible. Several intermediate tests are often necessary as it is not possible to carry out the test on the completely finished product in many cases. The interfaces of the devices are very important also in these applications. Classification as a finished product is only possible when the parameters and the test results are transferred.

The testers of SPS electronic stand for highest safety and optimum practicality. See it for yourself!

Mit einem Schutzleiterprüfstift aus dem Hause SPS electronic prüfen Sie schnell, sicher und ergonomisch.
The ground bond test pins made by SPS electronic allow quick, safe and ergonomic testing.

Accessories for your ground bond tester

The ground bond test pin is an often underestimated, but very important accessory. In practice, most tests are carried out manually. If the DUT has several test points, the testing personnel may have to carry out several hundred tests per day. Optimum handling, namely an ergonomic test pin is required here. The ground bond test pins of SPS electronic, namely test probes, meet these requirements in practice. Together with our customers we have developed an optimum tool that is far more than just a pin with test probe.


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