Surge tester ST 3820K

Flexible to configure and easy to operate

Type of device
Slide-in 19" / 3 HU

Surge voltage: Voltage range
100 – 6,000 V

Surge voltage: Impact capacity
18 nF, optional: 47 nF, 100 nF, 200 nF

High voltage DC: Voltage range
100 – 6,000 V / 10mA

Insulation DC: Measuring range
100 – 6,000 V / 100 GΩ / kV

Internal Matrix
L, N + PE

Evaluation process
• Defective area
• Differential area nF
• Tolerance band

Automatic evaluation
• Limit value partial discharge
• PDIV, RPDIV inception voltage
• PDEV, RPDEV extinction voltage

Frequency range active microwave antenna
1.57 GHz

Frequency range active, inductive decoupling:
317 Mhz

Partial discharge
Measurement voltage: 100 - 6,000V
Measurement method: according to IEC 61934

The combined surge voltage and partial discharge tester ST 3820K has been specially developed for integration into automatic test systems and for use in the laboratory. It is ideally suited for detecting winding shorts and insulation faults within a winding, even before the fault affects the electrical specifications of the DUT. By combining a surge voltage generator with partial discharge measurement technology, the ST 3820K provides you with a compact, all-in-one solution for insulation testing of winding materials.

Due to the extremely steep voltage rising edge and the different, optionally available, surge capacities, the ST 3820K is ideally suited for conventional wound goods (e.g. wound stators) as well as for wound goods in the field of e-mobility (e.g. hairpin stators).

The partial discharges, excited by the surge tester, can be detected with active measurement technology both by radio and line. Radio measurement technology is the first choice for open test objects such as a stator. For closed or shielded DUTs, such as inverters or motors, partial discharges can be measured by inductive measurement via the DUT's connecting cables.

The standardized test procedure according to IEC 61934 for determining the insulation parameters PDIV, RPDIV, RPDEV and PDEV can be performed with the ST 3820K in a flash.

  • FLEXIBLE CONFIGURABILITY: Due to the freely configurable impact capacities, the ST 3820K can be used flexibly in all industries and for almost all DUTs.
  • EASY TO INTEGRATE: With its simple 19" design and a wide range of hardware and software interfaces, the ST 3820K can be easily and universally integrated into all types of test stands.
  • OPERATION: Simple windows based control and evaluation, intuitively easy to operate.
  • SUPPORT: Highly qualified support around the topic of parts unloading, so you can benefit from our experience!


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