Surge tester ST 6600B

Type of device
Desktop device

Surge voltage: Voltage range
200 – 5,000 V

Small but extremely powerful benchtop unit. Developed for quality assurance in the production of wound goods. But the ST 6600B surge tester is also suitable for use in the laboratory, development and repair. With the PC software, which is available as an accessory, all test data and test results can be conveniently stored. Surge voltage testing is the only way to detect winding shorts and insulation faults within a winding, even before the fault affects the electrical specifications of the DUT. There is no other test method that can detect if the DUT has pre-damage causing it to fail. By quickly connecting a charged capacitor to the winding under test, the stored energy of the capacitor discharges into the inductor. This results in a sinusoidal, damped oscillation. The frequency and amplitude are typical for the DUT.

  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • 7" TFT touch screen
  • Testing of inductances from approx. 10 µH
  • Compact, portable desktop unit
  • TCP-IP, USB and RS 232 interface


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