High Voltage Cables

Special cables for voltages up to 10,000 V and currents up to 40 A.

If voltages above 230 V / 400 V occur, the appropriate components are necessary to cater to these voltages. The cable connections are then of special, central significance. Voltage durability, insulation resistance and current capacity have to be precisely adapted to the utilisation. As the leading producer of high voltage testing equipment, SPS electronic also offers high voltage cables for diverse applications. Most of the cables are in-house developments with the highest quality standards and only available through us. We supply all volumes, ranging from 40 in. pieces up to a drum with several miles.


Outer diameterVoltage max.Current max.Type
8.1 mm10 kV10 AHK 02
8.1 mm10 kV10 AHK 03
7.0 mm4 kV16 AHP 14
3.0 mm10 kV6 AHK 10
4.0 mm10 kV16 AHK 14
5.2 mm10 kV40 AHK 16
2.3 mm6 kV10 AHK 10-f
3.9 mm6 kV25 AHK 14-f
6.0 mm8 kV40 AHK 16-f

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