High Voltage Kelvin Pins

For connecting high voltage test points with back measurement (Kelvin technique)

The name "Kelvin" describes the used 4-wire technology: The test signal and the measurement signal (sensor line) are transmitted separately to the DUT. Low ohm measurements are only possible with this technology and this is when high voltage kelvin pins are used. The main use of high voltage kelvin pins is however for high voltage tests. With the 4-wire technique the high voltage is carried via a pin and measured back by a second pin. As the test item itself short-circuits the test lead with the measuring lead, it can be 100% guaranteed that the high voltage is applied during the test. SPS electronic’s high voltage kelvin pins are high quality and available with various shaft lengths.

High voltage Kelvin probe from SPS electronic


Total lengthType
99 mmKK 10 - 6 - 9
129 mmKK 10 - 6 - 13
176 mmKK 10 - 6 - 18

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