Universal, mobile testing system for various industries

Mobile and flexible safety testing system with additional leakage current test and an integrated industrial PC.

Industry: electrical industry


The task was to develop a universal testing system that can be used at different production sites. Different criteria must be met and several products must be contacted at the individual test stations.


This has been incorporated into a mobile rack to use the testing system quickly and flexibly. Our multifunction tester KT 3881F can test virtually all national and international standards. Among others, a leakage current test was also included to ensure this. A connector panel with different sockets and test sockets meets the requirement of connecting different products. Testing with high voltage test probes is also an option. The testing system is equipped with WLAN to allow complete documentation of the test results. All test results are stored with the associated serial number in PDF format on the server. Here, the test programs, which are then installed on the testing system are managed.

  • Simple, intuitive operation for semiskilled personnel
  • The DUT needs to be connected only once, then the whole test process occurs automatically
  • In network operation, all test data is automatically saved at the specified location / database
  • Long service life and service-friendly design
  • All values and settings can be made using software
  • Workplace safety standard
  • All usual, world-renowned safety tests can be carried out
  • High portability due to the device trolley used
  • Continuity test 22 V DC
  • Ground bond test 10 A AC – 30 A AC
  • Insulation resistance test 500 V DC
  • Hipot test 5,500 V AC / 6,000 V DC / 100 mA
  • Function test single-phase up to 400 V AC / 16 A
  • Leakage current test 100 μA, 1mA and 10-A range
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