Test system for stators

Two test stations were required in order to test the stators before and after the impregnating. Two almost identical test stations were setup for this purpose in order to be able to use both stations for both types of tests during peak times. A high level of flexibility was required due to the high diversity of the DUT.

Industry: Electric motors


The test systems were to be incorporated into a production line. Despite the high diversity of the DUT that differed with regard to their dimensions, it was also important to achieve a high level of flexibility with a simultaneously low testing time.

Furthermore, the following tests were necessary:

  • Identification of the North and South Pole by means of a polarity test
  • Partial discharge test in the production environment
  • Pressure testing of the cooling device in the stator


Due to the required flexibility, the system was developed in a universal DUT interface, which made it possible to contact all existing DUT without needing to convert the test station. A solution with a pneumatic clamping system was selected because a short testing time was crucial.

Furthermore, test adapters were developed for the polarity test, which can easily be inserted in the DUT and as a result of their high-voltage withstand strength, they do not need to be removed during the test.

A special software tailored to the customer's requirements was programmed in order to guarantee the high level of flexibility. It is easy to create test sequences at the test station and file them in the company network. The correct test sequence is automatically loaded from the company network by the test station by simply scanning the 2D barcode attached to the DUT and automatically fills it with the correct parameters from a database. Personal safety is the highest priority and is guaranteed by means of a test cover with clamping protection.

A specially developed test dummy is used to automatically test the test station at the start. If the dummy test is not successful, the test station will not permit any other tests.

  • Turn-key solution including workplace design, adaptation and software
  • Automatic testing after a one-off connection of the DUT
  • Test sequences can be created on the test system and filled with parameters from the company network
  • Easy integration in the product line
  • Service-friendly design
  • Short cycle times
  • High level of flexibility due to a universal DUT interface
  • Ground bond test
  • Insulation resistance measurement
    Windings – Housing – Sensors
  • High-voltage test AC/DC
    Windings – Housing – Sensors
  • 3-phase resistance measurement
  • Resistance measurement of the individual sensors
  • Surge voltage test
  • Partial discharge testing
    in the case of surge voltage test and high-voltage test
  • Polarity test
  • Leak test
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