Test system for current sensors

Rotary indexing table for function and safety testing of Hall Effect current sensors. Short testing time and compact design.

Industry: Electrical industry


In order to achieve the shortest possible cycle times of less than 30 seconds, the current sensors should be contacted fully automatically after placement by hand. If a faulty DUT is detected, it should be ejected automatically. Since different versions of the current sensors are tested on one system, the test adapter must be exchangeable in less than 5 minutes. After the exchange, it must be checked whether the suitable adapter has been installed for the respective DUT.


By using a rotary indexing table with three test stations, it was not only possible to build an extremely space-saving system, the test time was also minimized to a maximum of 30 seconds per DUT. The user is protected from the movement of the turntable by a protective housing in combination with two-hand operation. This avoids unintentional intervention and the risk of crushing.

Station 1
Manual insertion of the DUT and correct positioning via a centering bolt. By actuating the two-hand control, the DUT proceeds to the next station.

Station 2 
The DUT is contacted fully automatically with current loops and a function as well as a hipot test is carried out. By actuating the two-hand control again, the DUT proceeds to the next station.

Station 3
If a DUT is detected as faulty, it is automatically sorted out in station 3 via a gripper. The “Passed“-DUT proceed to the first station where they can be removed and labelled by the user.

  • Space-saving design by using a rotary indexing table
  • Short testing times
  • Fully automatic sequence after manual loading
  • Low personnel expenditure
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Function test up to 3,200 A DC
  • Hipot test up to 5,500 V AC / 100 mA
  • Recording of the primary current via current transformer and multimeter
  • Recording of the secondary current via multimeter
  • Testing can take place with different polarity
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