Testing system for devices for high frequency surgery and lithotripsy systems

Medical devices must be tested for safety and function following their production.

Industry: medical technology


A testing system that allows automatic testing of a large number of different DUT had to be developed. Each DUT must be connected only once to avoid errors and to keep the test duration as short as possible.


In order to cover the large number of different DUT, a testing system with various connection options was developed, so that, for example, 5 user parts can be successively checked in the medical leakage current test, without having to replug them. In addition, ground bond tests, hipot tests, insulation tests and function tests are possible, without having to replug the DUT. Personnel safety is ensured by a light curtain that protects three sides of the testing area using deflecting mirrors. This makes it possible to insert or remove the DUT from the side.

A special requirement was that the DUT had to be operated by the test personnel during the function test. To this end, a special text view step was added, in which the working voltage remains switched on even upon interruption of the light curtain.

The testing system PC software allows storage of an arbitrary number of test programs, so that the necessary scope of testing and the test data can be adjusted for each DUT. However, for products with similarly mounted DUT, it is also possible to use the same test program, which is then allocated to the respective DUT over the product list. Referring to the accompanying documents, the correct test program is selected by scanning a bar code. The test results are stored automatically in XML or Access format on an arbitrary place on the network.

A separate test dummy is used to check the functionality of the testing system fully automatically. During the daily start of the testing system, the testing personnel is asked to connect this dummy and start the corresponding program. The testing system does not allow further testing without a passed dummy test.

  • Turnkey solution including DUT support, adaptation and workplace design
  • Simple, intuitive operation for semiskilled personnel
  • The DUT needs to be connected only once, then the whole test process occurs automatically
  • In network operation, all test data is automatically saved at the specified location / database
  • Long service life and service-friendly design
  • All values and settings can be made using software
  • Automatic dummy test
  • Workplace safety standard
  • Automatic test program selection
  • High testing depth
  • Ground bond test 10 A – 30 A via test pin or special housing connection
  • Insulation test 4 kV with a matrix that can be freely interconnected over 8 points
  • Hipot test 5.5 kV AC / 6.0 V DC / 100 mA (non-safety-current-limited) with a matrix that can be freely interconnected over 8 points
  • Function test single-phase (measuring ranges between 10 A and 20 A) with recording the voltage, current, power and cos phi
  • Earth leakage current test, contact current test, patient leakage current test (5 user parts) with fault simulation, current ranges 10 mA, 1 mA and 0.1 mA, automatic zero correction for patient leakage current test in 0.1 mA range
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