03 2019

Progress on the new building of SPS electronic

With great excitement and anticipation we're following the progress on the construction site of our new building in the Eugen-Bolz-Straße.

Since the beginning of March, not only has the floor slab been completely poured and the foundation completed, but the basic framework of the commissioning hall and offices has also been completed. 

A few days later, on March 16th, the first external walls were erected and the construction of the new building continues at a rapid pace. On March 21st, all the walls of the commissioning hall, as well as part of the office wing and the staircase, were erected. 

With the start of work on the upper floor of the office building, the overall dimensions of the building are now slowly becoming apparent and the anticipation of all those involved is growing. 

We eagerly await the further progress and are already looking forward to the move at the beginning of December!



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