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Data sheets, brochures or the newest firmware for your device are available here in our download-center.

  • Multifunction

    LG 1805B [PDF: DE | EN]

    KT 1886B/J [PDF: DE | EN]

    KT 1885K [PDF: DE | EN]

    KT 1885L [PDF: DE | EN]

    KT 1880B / LG 1800B [PDF: DE | EN]

    S 1800M [PDF: DE | EN]


    HA 1885B / 1805B [PDF: DE | EN]

    HA 1885G [PDF: DE | EN]

    HA 1885J [PDF: DE | EN]

    HA 1800M [PDF: DE | EN]

    HA 1800B / 1880B [PDF: DE | EN]

    HA 3600D [PDF: DE | EN]

    Partial discharge

    PD 4000B [PDF: DE | EN]

    Surge voltage

    ST 1800B [PDF: DE | EN]

    ST 3801L [PDF: DE | EN]

    Ground bond

    P 1800D [PDF: DE | EN]


    IL 3801F / 3881F [PDF: DE | EN]

    IS 580F [PDF: DE | EN]

    Leakage current

    AI 5601D [PDF: DE | EN]

  • High Voltage Relay RL 42 / RL 21 [PDF: DE | EN]

    High Voltage Relay RL 42-h / RL 38-h [PDF: DE | EN]

    High Voltage Cables [PDF: DE | EN]

    High Voltage Kelvin Pins [PDF: DE | EN]

    High Voltage Connectors [PDF: DE | EN]

    PC Software [PDF: DE | EN]

    DUT Enclosures with Trapdoor [PDF: DE | EN]

    DUT Enclosures with Light Curtain

    PK 2000A [PDF: DE | EN]
    PK 6000A [PDF: DE | EN
    PK 7000A [PDF: DE | EN]

    Simple DUT Enclosures

    HB 3400A [PDF: DE | EN
    HB 2100A [PDF: DE | EN]

    Extra Wide DUT Enclosures

    HB 5000A [PDF: DE | EN
    HB 6000A [PDF: DE | EN
    HB 7000A [PDF: DE | EN]

    Tandem DUT Enclosures 

    TK 6000A [PDF: DE | EN]
    TK 7000A [PDF: DE | EN]

    Warning Light Set WL 25 [PDF: DE | EN]

    High Voltage Test Probe [PDF: DE | EN]

    Ground Bond Test Probe [PDF: DE | EN]

    Universal Test Socket [PDF: DE | EN]

    Pneumatic Line Terminals [PDF: DE | EN]

    Connection and Control Panels [PDF: DE | EN]

    Kelvin Terminals [PDF: DE | EN]

    Test Verification Box [PDF: DE | EN]

    Calibrators [PDF: DE | EN]

  • Current catalogues

    Our portfolio [PDF: DE | EN]

    Customised test systems [PDF: DE | EN]

    Serial devices [PDF: DE | EN]

    Company presentation [PDF: DE | EN]

    Coil test systems [PDF: DE | EN]

  • Firmware-updates

    Firmware 1800 []

    Firmware 1805 []

  • DAT-Software (Demo)

    DAT 3805 [Setup_DAT3805.exe]


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