Test Verification Boxes

For "OK / DEFECTIVE" simulation of all of the important safety tests.

The test verification boxes of SPS electronic are used for periodic inspection of all standard equipment and test systems in terms of their functionality. For this purpose, the test verification box is connected to the tester instead of the DUT and an "OK / DEFECTIVE" simulation is conducted. Only with a daily test can it be assured that your products work properly in terms of safety and avoid expensive recalls in the worst case. Each test box consists of a connection option for the tester and one or more resistors and/or inductors. The test verification boxes of SPS electronic are of high quality and available in different versions.



Test type Type
Function test (cos φ 0 / 0.5 for performance test) D 1885
Hipot test (1 mA / kV) D 2001
Hipot test (5 mA / kV) D 2005
Hipot test / UL-application (120 kΩ) D 2120
Hipot test, insulation test, ground bond test and leakage current test D 2012


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