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Surge tester ST 3801L

The right surge tester for OEM applications in systems.

The ST 3801L surge tester was developed for OEM applications in systems and is therefore developed as a 19" slide-in unit. Full-featured PC software (DAT) along with interface software (DLL) is available to the user. SPS electronic’s technical support will be more than happy to assist you with complex applications for this technology.

  • Seite Stoßspannungstester ST 3800L von SPS electronic
  • Front Stoßspannungstester ST 3800L von SPS electronic
  • Stoßspannungstester ST 3800L von SPS electronic

Compact, powerful and cost-effective

Type of device
Plug-in 19‘‘ / 3 HU

Surge voltage: Voltage range
6.000 V

Surge voltage: Impact capacity
40 nF

The ST 3801L surge testing device was specially developed for integration into automatic testing systems. It is excellent to detect winding shorts and insulation faults within a winding, even before the fault is detected in the electrical specifications of the DUT. 

Modern – efficient – intuitive 

The ST 3801L can be controlled via Ethernet (LAN) without any problems or interference. Combined with our DAT remote control software, you will receive a full quality system with 4 decades of experience in testing technology. Alternatively, we would also be more than happy to support your customised software development with a DLL that can be provided as an accessory. It has never been such child’s play to carry out a shorted coil test yourself.

Ready to use anytime and anywhere

The 19"/ 3 HU slide-in unit can be integrated into any testing system – even afterwards. You only need a 115 V / 230V power supply and the testing can begin!

Do you need suitable accessories?
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  • Cost-effective surge tester (detects shorted coils and insulations faults in a coil)
  • In accordance with national and international standards (IEC, EN, UL, VDE etc.)
  • PC software for remotely controlling the device or, alternatively, developing customised software
  • CE-conform for use according to EN 50191
  • Installation into 19" racks
  • USB, RS 232B, and Ethernet / LAN interfaces


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