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Soyez informé des dernières actualités relatives à l’entreprise SPS electronic. Pour tout savoir sur nos développements innovants, nos nouveaux produits et toutes les autres nouvelles intéressantes. Nous vous tiendrons au courant!

  • 01 2019

    Exhibitions 2019: Experience the latest innovations live.

    Just like last year, SPS electronic will visit national and international exhibitions around the globe. An international newcomer of 2019 is the EASA convention from the 30th of June till the 2nd of July in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  • 12 2018

    Follow the progress of our new building - here's our construction site webcam.

    With the construction site webcam it is possible to take a look at the site of the new SPS electronic building.

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  • 11 2018

    Breaking ground for the new SPS electronic building

    SPS electronic is relocating its headquarters from Sulzdorf to the Solpark near Hessental. The two-storey administration building with production hall is expected to cost around eleven million euros.

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  • 10 2018

    New look for the SPS electronic vehicle fleet

    As of late our vehicles are back on the european roads with a new and improved design.

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  • 09 2018

    Our newest addition: Multifunction safety tester S 1800M

    For those who are undecided – a unique combination of our bestsellers HA 1800M and P 1800D.

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  • 08 2018

    New building of the headquarter Schwäbisch Hall

    The continuously growing demand for SPS electronic Devices and Testing Systems makes the new building of the SPS electronic headquarters necessary.

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  • 07 2018

    New Product Catalogue 2018

    Available now – our new product catalogue!

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  • 06 2018

    Strategic cooperation with FHS Equipment

    Joint cooperation in the field of electrical safety testing and automation.

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  • 04 2018

    New microsite: Testing technology E-Mobility

    Energy-efficient vehicles with electric powertrains are gaining ground and present a major challenge for the automotive industry as well as third party suppliers.

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  • 03 2018

    Ready for update: The new firmware for our devices series 18x5 is out now!

    Version – ready to install!

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