High voltage testing

High voltage testing often also referred to as high voltage measurement is the most important test in the field of electrical safety testing. It is performed with electrical devices and equipment of protection class I and protection class II.

With this electrical safety test it is tested whether the insulation of the current-carrying conductors and the safety distance to the housing of the devices are ensured. However the high voltage test must not be confused with the insulation resistance measurement which is partly also performed at a higher voltage than the rated voltage of the equipment. In principle the high voltage test is performed on the same connection points as with the insulation resistance test. However these are two completely different types of tests and have to be performed according to the standards.

In almost all VDE, EN, UL and IEC standards the high voltage test is mandatory. In these regulations a distinction is made between a high voltage test with AC and a high voltage test with DC.

SPS electronic offers a wide range of different high voltage test devices. In addition to the single test devices you will also find multi function testers in our extensive product range, i.e. devices combining several types of tests together.

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