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If you want it to be really safe you must go for the insulation testers from SPS electronic

An insulation tester of SPS electronic is the first choice when it comes to testing the insulation of an electrical device safely and according to standards. They are ideally designed for all applications – from the option of a portable test application through stationary use up to the integrated operation in a network. All devices are also easy and convenient to use.

In short: What is insulation testing and how does it work?

The insulation test and the hipot test are often confused with each other. While the hipot test is aimed only at the minimum distances between live parts and the metal housing (and therefore, often called dielectric strength test), the insulation test is a resistance measurement of real resistances between the same potentials as in the hipot test. It is surprising to know that the hipot test (whether it is carried out with DC or AC voltage) deals with geometric distance measurement. The test result is “PASS" or “FAIL", there are no intermediate values.

In insulation measurement, the result is a resistance, measured in ohms. Thus, the quality of the insulation of the DUT can be assessed. Test voltage and limits are apparent from the relevant national and international standards (IEC, EN, UL, VDE etc.) A test voltage of 500 V DC is often used and the rule of thumb is 1 kΩ / V. However, test voltages between 1,000 V DC and 5,000 V DC are possible. Then resistances in the GΩ range are caused.

We have the appropriate insulation tester for you

SPS electronic offers insulation testers for all applications in the manufacture of electrical and electronic products. The safety-current limited (<12 mA DC in accordance with EN50191) devices IL 3801F and IL 3881F can be used as insulation tester and as hipot tester. The various interfaces allow the use in testfields and automatic systems. The electronically processed high voltage with low ripple results in high precision during testing.

The device IS 580F has been specially designed for the rapid insulation test and hipot test in automatic testing systems. This is made possible by the analogue technology. All parameters can be set on the front panel and can be read the same way. The repeat measurement for contact monitoring is implemented with a separate measuring circuit.

For all those, who want more

Merely a high voltage test is often not enough. Thus, a protective earth test is required, e.g. for DUT of safety class I. Our multifunction safety testers are used here. The built-in high voltage matrix allows set up and changeover between a maximum of 18 different types of tests. "Stand alone" operation or PC operation is possible with the PC software DAT.
There are only a few differences in the operation of the devices of the 1805 series with 10.1'' TFT colour display and touch. Device technology and PC technology are very similar.


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