Hipot Safety Analyser

The all-in-one hipot safety analyser from SPS electronic.

No matter what electrical safety test you need to perform, our hipot safety analyser is always the right choice. The hipot safety analysers of SPS electronic combine up to 18 test types in one compact device – ranging from the hipot test, the insulation test, the ground bond test to a function test, so that you are always in control of your DUT. Last but not least the devices boast a variety of technical features.

The development of hipot safety analysers

Hipot safety analysers have been developed, based on practical experiences. In the early 1980s, there was the requirement of carrying out several test types at a single workstation or test station. Moreover, the DUT had to be checked for its function by the safety tests. At first, manual single devices were used for the hipot/hi pot test, ground bond test and insulation measurement, however, the DUT had to be connected separately to each tester, which made the test very time-consuming and expensive. Thus, it was resorted to a small innovation: the relay matrix. With its help, each device could be connected jointly to the DUT, so that it had to be contacted again only once. Following the single connection of the DUT to the testing system, all tests are performed.

Our classic among the testers: Test station of 1986
Our classic among the testers: Test station of 1986

It was then logical to record and document the measured values of the individual tests with a computer. Initially with a simple logic control, and then with a standard PC. It paved the way for the customised testing system. The standardisation of these testing systems with the aim of a good price-performance ratio resulted in hipot safety analysers. Nothing other than a standardised testing system with up to 18 different types of tests.

Standard PCs versus microcontrollers

Contrary to initial approaches, the integration of a PC in the multitester did not establish itself. The applications are too different. The service life and the procurement of spare parts are major obstacles to a standard PC. In less than 10 years, spare parts or accessories are no longer available. However, the testing system has a considerably longer service life.

In the relatively small housing of the hipot safety analyser, there is increased susceptibility to failure due to the confined space. The standard PC is not designed to work at conditions as high as many 1,000 V. Therefore, all testers of SPS electronic are equipped with a proprietary microcontroller. The performance of this computer can be comparable to that of a PC, but is optimised for use within the safety tester. If desired, the testing system can be connected with an external PC or a server over an interface (LAN). All functions are given in a standard PC network.

The latest generation of hipot safety analysers made by SPS electronic

The latest generation of hipot safety analysers 1805 series
The latest generation of hipot safety analysers 1805 series

The latest generation of the hipot safety analysers (1805 and 1806 series) come with a 10'' colour touchscreen and has 18 different types of tests. The devices have 8 built-in high voltage relays, which ensure that all tests are performed automatically with contacting. The testing system leaves nothing unattended in relation to the operation and depth of testing.


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