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Surge tester ST 6000E

The surge tester with 8"-TFT-colour display for testing voltages up to 12,000 V.

The extremely powerful desktop device was designed for quality assurance in the manufacture of winding products. The surge tester is also useful in laboratories, development centres and repair centres. The ST 6000E is a PC-controlled test system for 1-, 2-, and 3-phase test samples and can also test resistance and high voltages. 

  • Preview SPS electronic Stoßspannungstester ST 6000E
    18.764 €

Modern, compact and economical

Type of device
Desktop device

High Voltage DC: Voltage range
12,000 V

High Voltage DC: Current range
2 mA

1 mΩ – 60Ω

Surge voltage: Voltage range
12,000 V

Surge voltage: Current range max.
800 A

Surge voltage: Impact capacity
50 μF

Surge voltage: Impact energy
7.2 J

Surge voltage: DUT inductance
> 24 μH

Apart from its compact size, the surge tester ST 6000E is impressive due to its high capacity – and comes at an unbeatable price. It is excellent to detect winding shorts and insulation faults within a winding, even before the fault is detected in the electrical specifications of the device under test. Even resistance measurements and hipot tests are carried out reliably by the ST 6000E.

Modern – efficient – intuitive 

Due to its modern computer technology and the large 8''-TFT colour display, the ST 6000E is simple and intuitive: The integrated standard PC with the Windows interface guides the user through the individual test steps. A PC-controlled test system does not leave any wish unfulfilled.

Ready to use anytime and anywhere

The portable ST 6000E is versatile applicable due to its compact size – be it in the test or for portable use, the ST 6000E can be customised as per your requirements. When performing the test, no additional devices are needed, it only needs a network connection with 110 V / 230 V.

All of these and much more!

For connection to a standard printer, the ST 6000E is equipped with a USB interface. All vibration curves and logs can thus easily be printed in colour. The virtually unlimited, internal memory also enables convenient storage.

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  • 3-phase tester
  • Scope of testing: Surge voltage test, hipot test and resistance measurement
  • Integrated Standard-PC with 8''-TFT-colour display
  • Customisable test plan 
  • Fully electronic generator
  • Compact desktop device
  • USB, RS 232B, Ethernet / LAN
  • Terminals for the test sample connection
  • Calibration certificate according to ISO 9001


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