Relay RL 21

single pole double throw

Exciter coil
24 V DC / 0.20 A

Test voltage: Contact/exciter coil
20,000 V DC

Switching voltage max.
6,000 V AC

The high voltage relay RL 21 can switch voltages up to 6,000 V AC in combination with high currents. In addition, it is often still necessary to switch very small voltages in the mV-range and currents in the mA-range. The requirements regarding quality of switching contacts are consequently extremely high. For the industrial use a high life time has to be ensured as well. The relays are being applied especially in combined safety and function test systems for testing of electrotechnical products. For the high voltage test several kV are being switched while for the function test, e. g. for motors, currents up to 30 A occur.

The contact protection DK 21 was developed by SPS electronic to provide protection against accidental contact. This, according to relevant safety regulations necessary protection, can be attached to preexisting relays and removed just as easy.


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