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For remote control of your testing equipment

Based on many years of experience and at the request of many customers, SPS electronic has developed its own software. This is continuously improved by in-house software developers and thus always up-to-date. Furthermore, the experience gained from of a variety of customer specific projects is also incorporated into the remote control software.

Do you have special requirements? Let us know - we would be happy to consider these for the application software that we program for you. Together with your merchandise management system we guarantee standard-compliant testing and simple and clear management of test results with allocation to each of your individual products.

Our PC Software DAT is available for 946€.

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1. Build

In Editor mode different test programmes can be intuitively created and flexibly adapted to the desired test methods and timeframe.

  • Easily create complex test procedures by mouse and keyboard
  • Free design of test procedures within the programme
  • Clear display of programmed test methods, such as: Continuity test, ground bond test, high voltage test etc.
  • Save as many programmes as you wish to the hard drive or network: XML-Format, ACCESS-Format, SQL-Format
  • Password protection


2. Parameterise

The parameters for each individual test method can also be selected as required:

  • Simple and thorough parametrisation of individual test methods, e.g. with high voltage tests: Testing period, ramp time, test voltage, release current etc.
  • Further test programmes can be controlled over programme branches - depending on the results of the test steps
  • Text and visual steps to guide the tester or for accessing additional information

3. Testing

After determining the desired testing schedule the test procedure can be started.

  • In the ''TESTING'' module the chosen sequence of the current test programme is displayed
  • So for the current test step the results will be shown, as well as the progress of the steps carried out
  • A manual single-step mode facilitates troubleshooting for complex tests
  • Large PASS/FAIL-Display


4. Results

The results can be easily analysed, saved and processed.

  • To make complete verification of the results possible, the test results will be saved along with the measurement values in XML-, ACCESS- or SQL-Format
  • Simple processing in external programmes
  • Statistics function with wide range of selection criteria
  • Full-text search
  • Test reports can be printed or saved as a PDF


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