Partial discharge tester PD 4020L

Reliable, precise and flexible

Type of device
Plug-in 19" / 2 HU

AC voltage measurement
5,500 V up to 100 Hz

DC voltage measurement
6,000 V

Automatic evaluation
• Limit value PD
• PDIV inception voltage
• PDEV extinction voltage

Frequency range active microwave antenna
1,57 GHz

Frequency range active, inductive decoupling:
317 Mhz

The partial discharge tester PD 4020L helps to test insulating materials and insulation systems for their insulation strength. Whether testing individual insulating materials, such as plastics or paints, or testing components from the drive train, such as stators or connectors, whether in the laboratory or in production, whether in small or large series: The PD 4020L is suitable for all environments and requirements and delivers the most sensitive measurement results with precise repeatability!

Partial discharges, excited by an external high-voltage or surge tester, can be detected with active measurement technology both by radio and inductively. Radio measurement technology is the first choice for open test objects such as a stator. For closed or shielded DUTs, such as inverters or motors, partial discharges can be measured by inductive measurement via the DUT's connecting cables. The various measurement procedures, which are adapted to the DUT, can be conveniently carried out via our DAT 3805 control software. 

The measurement technology is designed according to the standards DIN EN 60270 and 60664-1 and can be used under almost all production conditions without any problems! The unit also masters the measurement procedure according to IEC 61934!

  • Installation, 19" / 2 HU
  • Voltage measurement up to 5,500 V AC or 6,000 V DC
  • Pulse voltage measurement up to 6,000 V
  • Partial discharge inrush and intermittent voltage (PDIV/PDEV)
  • Repeated partial discharge inrush and intermittent voltage (RPDIV/RPDEV) with surge pulses
  • Two sensor types available to cover all application areas


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