Partial discharge tester PD 4000B

Reliable, precise and flexible

Type of device
Plug-in 19" / 5 HU

AC voltage measurement
5,500 V

DC voltage measurement
6,000 V

Frequency range active microwave antenna
1,57 GHz

Frequency range active, inductive decoupling:
400 Mhz

Automatic evaluation
• Limit value PD
• Limit value PD with phase
• PDIV inception voltage
• PDEV extinction voltage

The state of the art PD 4000B partial discharge tester is the ideal choice for your production or laboratory use. Both in the surge test and in the high voltage test, the devices can be used with three different active sensors. 2 sensors can be used at the same time. Therefore, even under difficult conditions, e.g. in an industrial environment, reproducible measurements are ensured.

Modern - efficient - intuitive

The PD 4000B offers maximum convenience and ease of use thanks to the large 10.1" colour touchscreen display in conjunction with the Windows operating system. Thanks to the self-explanatory interface, a virtually unlimited number of test programs with a fully automatic test plan can be created intuitively.

Surge test and high voltage test

The partial discharge tester PD 4000B has a variety of hardware and software interfaces for the integration of external devices for surge test and high voltage tests - and therefore adapts to your individual circumstances. A high precision, potential free high voltage measuring device is also integrated into the device, which allows both 4-wire measurement as well as the synchronisation of the measuring and testing equipment. Thanks to the internal PC, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to system integration: whether USB, Ethernet / LAN, RS 232 or 24 VDC - the PD 4000B is always ready for use!

It depends on the sensors!

As with all measuring systems, the detection of the useful signals is the most important link in the measuring chain. Only signals that are detected can be amplified and evaluated. That is why all three sensors available for the PD 4000B are active measuring systems with integrated amplifiers and bandpass filters. Only after the signal processing directly at the sensor does the transmission takes place by means of long cables. Inductive and capacitive sensors with active signal processing are available for decoupling the signals. A special focus is on the additionally usable microwave flat antenna - also with active signal processing. Interfering signals are suppressed as much as possible by the narrowband bandpass filter with a centre frequency of 1.57 GHz (GPS systems).

With its classic size of 19"/ 5 HU, the PD 4000B is ideal for direct integration into a system cabinet. The surge testers and high voltage testers, also available from SPS electronic are equally designed for installation in system cabinets. The combination results in complete systems for the testing of inductive components such as motors, stators, rotors etc. The PD 4000B can also be easily used as a desktop device with the slide-in housing available as an accessory.

  • Highly modern partial discharge tester
  • 2 idependent channels for data acquisition
  • Integrated, highly accurate and potential free voltage measuring system up to 7,000 V AC
  • For measurements in connection with surge voltage test
  • For measurements in connection with hipot test
  • 10.1" colour touchscreen display
  • Freely configurable, fully automatic test plan (individual tests are also possible)
  • Mains voltage independent and thus usable worldwide
  • Desktop device or installation in 19" cabinets
  • USB, Ethernet / LAN, RS 232 and 24 VDC interface
  • Operation via network
  • CE conform


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