High Voltage Connectors Serie 22

Multipole, individually configurable plug connections for voltages up to 10,000 V and currents up to 30 A.

When high voltages have to be connected with high currents, the high-voltage connectors series 22 are used. They are suitable both for internal use in the control cabinet and for use in device connections. The high-voltage connectors from SPS electronic are available in different versions and can be individually equipped:


Application examples:

Application examples Typ Model Typ Application examples
TG 22 with cable
Sample assembly
Built-in socket FG 22
Cable connector TG 22
Sample assembly
Built-in socket FG 22
BU 22-h & ST 22-h
High voltage inserts
 BU 22-p & ST 22-p
Pneumatic- Inserts



The high-voltage plug can be individually equipped with the following components:


  Typ Model Typ  
Frame housing TG 22 
Panel mount housing FG 22
Frame for receptacle modules
ST 22
Frame for plug modules
BU 22
Plug ST 22-h 
High voltage inserts
Socket BU 22-h
Plug ST 22-n
Netz Einsatz
Socket BU 22-n
Plug ST 22-p
Pneumatic application
Socket BU 22-p
Plug (blind) ST 22-x
Blind Einsatz
Socket (blind) BU 22-x
Contact Plug KS 22-e
Contect Socket BB 22-e


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