07 2016

The new multifunction testers have arrived: KT 1885K and KT 1885L

Sometimes less is more! That’s what the bright sparks at SPS electronic believed, soon bringing the new KT 1885K and KT 1885L devices to the market. These are all worth a look – and not least because of their unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Both the KT 1885K and KT 1885L testers originate from the multifunction tester family. They comprise the most important test functions and are unbeatable in price! Like their predecessors (KT 1885B and KT 1885J) both offer maximum comfort and easy useability thanks to the standardised, integrated 10.1” colour touchscreen display. The simple, clear instructions on the touchscreen display make it even more intuitive and efficient to use. Thanks to individually configurable test programmes, a fully automated test plan can also be created. The test object only needs to be connected once: time-consuming replugging is a thing of the past!

Available test types:

  • High voltage AC test
  • High voltage DC test
  • DC insulation measurement
  • ARC detection
  • Ground bond test
  • Equivalent leakage current test
  • Continuity testing
  • Resistance measurement

Curious? More info is available in our flyer or by contacting us in person. Simply get in touch – we are excited to see what we can do for you!

Data sheet KT 1885K

Data sheet KT 1885L

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