01 2023

The Jobbike offer at SPS-electronic

For our employees there is the possibility to switch to a bicycle at a reduced price.

After our employees used creative methods to build their own company gym in summer 2022, the next step for a healthy work-life balance is now the jobbike offer. The first employees have already picked up their new bikes. And with our active colleagues, many more are sure to follow soon.

That's jobbike: 
We as a company lease the bike selected by the employee. The employee uses the bike whenever he or she wants, even privately. This saves the employee up to 40% compared to a conventional purchase. With a total value of 5000€ per bike, 6.000 jobbike retail partners and many brands, the possibilities are versatile. 

But we as a company also benefit, because in addition to the health of our employees, we also care about the environment.  

We wish everyone a great and safe ride. 

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