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02 2019

Test coils and windings without problems: The new surge tester ST 4000

Almost 40 years of experience in safety testing technology have gone into the latest product from SPS electronic. The result is a state-of-the-art surge voltage tester.

With the help of the ST 4000, weak points such as insulation faults or short circuits between windings can be detected before they lead to the failure of the electric motor. This avoids costly recalls.

By using an internal PC with Windows operating system and a large 10.1" touch display, operation of the surge voltage tester is child's play and intuitive.
If required, the surge voltage tester ST 4000 can be combined with further testing technology from SPS electronic. Through the flexible combination with a partial discharge-, resistance- or high voltage tester, a multifunction tester can be created that meets all requirements.

The ST 4000 can be used for the following DUT:

  • 1-phase and 3-phase motors and windings
  • low-voltage coils
  • torque motors
  • DC motors
  • stators
  • transformer coils
  • solenoid coils
  • inductor coils
  • high voltage motors and coils

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