01 2016

New from the partial discharge section: The PD 1800B – compact and cost-effective!

Compact and practical partial discharge test device by SPS electronic.

This compact, affordable device offers completely new options for measuring winding insulation in wound components. Not only is it possible to test the insulation between the centre and the winding; the insulation between the individual windings can also be tested. The PD 1800B partial discharge test device is versatile when measuring insulation in terms of development, maintenance and quality control of motors, spools, inductors and transformers.

The partial discharge is recorded using a high-frequency ring type transformer or a UHF antenna. The freedom from potential of the measuring signal for high voltage is guaranteed due to this extraction. Partial discharge in UHF areas can be measured using a sinusoidal and pulse-like stress strain curve (e.g. generated by inverters). This highly sensitive measuring device is also safe and reliable for use in industrial environments.

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