12 2014

30 years of SPS electronic: We congratulate Heinz Stepper

Arrived and remained. Although the company SPS electronic GmbH in Sulzdorf is almost 35 years old, there are employees who have been with the company for 30 years. This is testament to the quality of jobs at the company.

Heinz Stepper, also from Sulzdorf, began working for SPS electronic GmbH as an electrician on 1 December 1984. Company founder, Mr. Wolf-Henning Stoll, has been his boss from then to the present day. As the company headquarters was situated in Schrozberg back then, Mr. Stepper used to travel 40 km daily to get to work. In 1995, Mr. Stepper helped to organise the relocation of SPS electronic to Schwäbisch Hall and was then able to travel to work by bike each day.

Wolf-Henning Stoll, Heinz Stepper, Sascha Aust

Particularly for high-tech companies such as SPS electronic GmbH, technology has changed significantly for Mr. Stepper over the last 30 years. The original task of manufacturing electronic printed circuit boards on a photographic basis is completely redundant now. This task is now performed by automatic machines. It was therefore all the more necessary to adapt to new requirements through further training and flexibility. Nowadays, Mr. Stepper supports development by assembling protoypes and small numbers of pieces. Amendments to series production are also an important part of his work. High precision and quality is required for this, as individual components can often only be viewed underneath a microscope.

Managing Director Wolf-Henning Stoll and Sascha Aust thank this guest of honour for his loyalty, his exemplary dedication and many years of work with the company.

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