EN 60204

The EN 60204 standard describes the safety of machinery and electrical equipment of machines. This standard applies to the use of electronic and electrical equipment and systems of machines which are not hand-held while working. EN 60204 also includes a group of cooperating and coordinated machines. Included in this are electrical equipment and parts with a supply voltage up to max. 1.000 V AC voltage or max. 1.500 V DC voltage and with a nominal frequency up to max. 200 Hz.


In addition the EN 60204 is also described here: ISO number: EN 60204-1, VDE number: VDE 0113 Part 1 and IEC 60204-1.


SPS electronic Ltd. offers worldwide high quality and in Germany manufactured test devices around the electrical safety testing. Safety test devices, safety testers for the automation and surge testers are the main range. To achieve a quality optimisation across all parts of the company SPS electronic has been certified by DEKRA according to ISO 9001 standard.


Multi tester, safety tester and each test system can be assembled to customer specification. Especially in the field of automation offers SPS electronic a wide range of product-specific solutions. Calibration, calibration according to ISO 9001 and the validation, also for external brands, belong to the range of services of SPS electronic Ltd. from Schwäbisch Hall.


From the following devices of SPS can be chosen to test the EN 60204:

PM 3301E (earth bond: max. 30 AAC / insulation: 500 VDC / high voltage: 1500 VDC / safety current limited); P 3301 D (continuity: 22 VDC, earth bond: 10 AAC up to 30 AAC);

HA 3600D (2,5 kVAC & 5 kVAC / 100 mA, 500 VA; time basis); HA 3881G (5,5 kVAC / 6 kVDC (option) / 100 mA, 500 VA) and model S 3301E (continuity: 22 VDC / earth bond: max. 30 AAC / insulation: 500 VDC / high voltage: 5000 VAC / 6000 VDC).